Volunteer Kitchen Manager

We have matches and training sessions throughout the year. Our kitchen runs Sundays 9am-3pm during the football season (Sept- April) and then evenings when there is training during the summer. We serve hot sandwiches, hot and cold drinks and snacks throughout the morning and then mainly drinks in the afternoons and then on training nights it’s just drinks.

Maybe you already see where the Volunteer Kitchen Manager fits in! Kitchen Managers are the ones that open the door of the kitchen, organise the other volunteers, tell them what food to prepare, ensure the area is kept clean, and overall ensure the food is served on time!  And then make sure there is enough stock to sell next week.

What are we looking for?

Someone willing to pitch in and take charge of our kitchen operation (it would be good if you could recruit a small team to help as well).  Mainly on Sundays during the winter and some hours doing prep.

What difference will you make?

You may not believe this, but you will have a HUGE impact on our Club. Even though we have so many volunteers doing coaching, maintenance and other key jobs we don’t have anyone for the kitchen. Without volunteer managers, our kitchen will not be able to function well, and that is why we really need your help now. 

Do you need qualifications?

Ideally you will already have a food safety certificate, but if not we can get you on the course and cover the costs. Other than that no – just be well organised and like dealing with customers.

How do I find out more?

Just give our Club Secretary (Chris) a call on 07711 500133 and we’ll have a chat first off and you can ask any questions.